Maybe someone you trust mentioned my name, or maybe you stumbled upon one of my videos, quotes or articles online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.

This site is for anyone trying to find their way after significant loss,  sudden change, or crisis.  Perhaps it was a recognized tragedy, but it could also have been just as likely a series of quiet injuries that eventually woke you up to a life you no longer recognized.   What makes a tragic event traumatic is malicious intent and a lack of validation.   This is practically the definition of narcissistic abuse, so it is not surprising that so many survivors are having a hard time moving on.  That's where I come in.  My own life experience coupled with the years I spent counseling traumatized people gave me an opportunity to notice patterns and develop strategies for moving past the pain.  If you are ready to release the struggle you are in the right place.  


Let me be your guide through this sacred place in your life.  It is possible to heal from trauma while keeping every bit of wisdom it came to give you. 


Let's start something beautiful together.  This is your time. 

Evening TV

    In the summer of 2016 I was preparing to launch a youtube channel around the same themes as the memoir I am once again working on.  Before you ever need help or protection you have this false sense of security that help would come if you ever had the need.   

      From the repeated failure of the family (Sociopathic father who was dangerous and cruel, and an extended family of narcissists who joined in the abuse to get their own dose of narcissistic supply, and the mother who didn't understand what she was up against until it was way too late) to the parade of  psychiatrists and psychologists and the years of bad therapy, labels and pills that only made everything worse, including the general idea that we were. the problem that needed to be fixed, to the trauma of family court that under the guise of protecting the children  rewarded abusive behavior because it was profitable for them, and finally to addiction treatment programs that. present. themselves as solutions. only for me to discover after Noah died that these programs fail almost everyone, and in Noah's case did far more harm than good all but one of the eight places he attended.   I go a step further than to talk about the abuse, I talk about what happens with the resulting trauma.  I launched Evening TV on youTube as well as the N.O.A.H. podcast and My Ransom Notes blog with the goal of raising public awareness of the hidden abuse that causes Complex Trauma and and the role trauma plays in addiction and how we can reform our approach to treating addictions of all kinds.   

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“I have learned so much from you [Evening].  I don't know where you find the courage and strength to do what you do, but I am grateful to have found you."


“I admire your courage and thank you for bringing attention to problems that few understand and even fewer talk about."  

- T.O

"If anyone's story speaks to the issue of emotional abuse in families and the trauma it causes it is yours.  It's clear that your son is still with you in all you do."