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Maybe someone you trust mentioned my name, or maybe you stumbled upon one of my videos, quotes or articles online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.

This site is for anyone trying to find their way after any kind of life disruptive trauma.   Perhaps it was a recognized tragedy such as the physical death of a loved one, but it could just as likely been a series of unrecognized injuries, losses, or betrayals, or it could even have been a spiritually transformative experience, but one way or another it feels as though you woke up to a life you no longer recognize.   That's where I come in.  Drawing not only from fifteen years helping others heal as a Licensed Counselor but my own extraordinary life experiences I'll  be your guide through this sacred place in your life. 


This is your time. Let's start something beautiful together. 

Evening TV

    On July 11, 2016 my oldest son Noah, relapsed and died at 20 years old of a heroin overdose, and after the initial shock wore off  it hit me that my fifteen years of silence hadn't protected us at all.   Suddenly it seemed critical that I finally start talking about the fifteen years of abuse that led up to my son's death in hopes of saving even one person from making the same mistakes I had. 

     Before my near death experience following the sudden onset of a rare and deadly heart condition in 2001, I had a

false sense of security that if I ever needed those closest to me they would  be there for me.   Instead when I needed my husband and family most they abandoned and attacked me, and they didn't stop until everything that mattered to me and that told me who I was besides my two sons was gone.   

      Starting with the repeated failure of our family who refused to put the kids needs first to the mother who didn't understand what she was up against until it was way too late) , to the parade of  psychiatrists and psychologists and the years of bad therapy, labels and pills that only made everything worse, to the trauma of family court that under the guise of protecting the children  rewarded abusive behavior because it was profitable for them, and finally to addiction treatment programs that pretend to have answers while they fail almost everyone.    I launched Evening TV on youTube as well as the N.O.A.H. podcast and My Ransom Notes blog with the goal of raising public awareness of the hidden abuse that causes Complex Trauma and and the role trauma played in Noah's death, and the need for reform in our approach to treating addictions of all kinds.   

Find our most recent video episodes here and our most recent podcasts here.



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“I have learned so much from you [Evening].  I don't know where you find the courage and strength to do what you do, but I am grateful to have found you."


“I admire your courage and thank you for bringing attention to problems that few understand and even fewer talk about."  

- T.O

"If anyone's story speaks to the issue of emotional abuse in families and the trauma it causes it is yours.  It's clear that your son is still with you in all you do."


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