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Maybe someone you trust mentioned my name, or maybe you stumbled upon one of my videos, podcasts, articles, or books. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.     

This site is for anyone trying to find their way when life as they've known it or expected it to be, has ended for one reason or another.  The transformative experiences that can bring on this kind of dramatic change are highly personal and different for just about everyone, but what they have in common is a sudden, unexpected onset that leaves us questioning our beliefs, and the awareness that there is no going back.  I believe those of us who find ourselves in this place are on a sacred journey, and I would be honored to be your guide. 

Who Am I?

I am Evening Ransom Stark, and in addition to fifteen years as a licensed counselor and transformational life coach, and writing two books on the process of reinventing your life when life as you know it comes to a sudden unexpected end, I am also an abuse survivor, a mother of a son in spirit, a mystic and a shamanic practitioner. 


When looking at my own life it is clear to see that it is really three distinct lives, each building upon the wisdom gained from what came before. What this means is that twice life as I knew it ended and twice I have been called to reinvent myself.  My first life ended when I experienced a sudden health crisis and near death experience where I chose to go back because of my children, but life as I knew it was over.  My neglectful relationships became abusive and once vulnerable I was abandoned and attacked by the people I'd built my life around which included a sociopathic husband  (actually diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and an entire extended family with highly narcissistic traits. In the end, everything I'd spent my lifetime building was stolen or destroyed by the people I loved and trusted the most. 

With my sons as my motivation, I developed a process of reinvention that helped me create an entirely new life out of the wreckage, and I went on to become a counselor and life coach and many of my clients also benefited from my process.   When my son died in 2016, it was the end of the reinvented life I had built with my children as the primary focus and motivation, and it was time to reinvent myself yet again.  My third life is the result of a spiritual awakening that began years earlier with my near death experience, and that deepened with my son's transition to spirit as well as through studying shamanism and other mystical traditions that have allowed me to experience a profound awareness of life beyond our physical world. Throughout my journey, I learned how to alchemize pain and loss into the transformative energy necessary if we hope to rise again.  Part of this third life is going more public with our story which I have done through launching the Evening TV YouTube channel and revising my books The Art of Reinventing Your Life and The Art of Loving Again to include a lot more of my personal journey.  I also aspire to finish writing my memoir in the coming year.   

Near Death Experience/Spiritual Transformation
On Good Friday, 2001, I had a profound near death experience.   I chose to return to the physical world because I saw how much my sons needed me, and when I was reunited with them on Easter Sunday they had no idea how close they had come to losing their mother.  From that point on I knew that we are not only human, and that the biggest and most authentic part of us never dies.  An NDE is a rare glimpse of the other side of the veil that keeps us from knowing who we really are and where we come from. Often an enhanced ability to tap into the subtle energy of non-physical beings is a lasting gift, and this has been true in my case which has been enormously helpful to me in dealing with the physical death of my first born son.  I wasted no time connecting with him and I'm happy to say that I have never experienced him as gone.  He is still very much with me and he continues to be an important part of my life. 

Evening TV

"Ask not why the addiction, but why the pain." ~ Dr. Gabor Mate

     I launched Evening TV, Ransom Notes podcast and blog to raise public awareness about the kind of hidden abuse that led to my son's death, and fifteen years earlier to my own.  The focus of my content is the answer to the question of why was my son's life so unbearably painful that he was willing to risk death just to get relief?  Those of us who have experienced emotional abuse empathize with my son's need to self medicate as we most likely have done the same in our own ways.  My goal with Evening TV was to help people identify abusive or toxic relationship patterns in their lives, understand their own childhood programming that led them to attract and be attracted to relationships of inevitable harm, how to minimize the damage and get out without making all the mistakes I did,  how to heal from possibly a lifetime of trauma, and ultimately how to reinvent their lives.   I create content for people where I used to be, offering them hope, inspiration and support in their struggle to find their way in a world they no longer recognize.

Find our most recent episodes here 


Hacienda Escondida de Noah
(Noah's Hidden Hacienda)
My son's battle with addiction opened my eyes to the problems with the way mental health issues resulting from trauma such as depression, anxiety, and addiction were being treated, and how he received no help at all from any of the eight treatment programs he completed, and in at least one case, he was considerably harmed.  As his mother I felt helpless because there was no other option available.   After my son's transition he inspired in me a desire to create a model of treatment that we felt stood the best chance of helping those suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety and countless other debilitating symptoms of trauma.  The one thing I knew beyond all doubt was that any treatment we created would be nothing like the 12 step model being used by nearly all treatment centers worldwide without modification or updates despite the fact that it has been failing in 92% of cases for decades.
In 2022 we found the perfect place to create a refuge in the sacred Mayan jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and there we would offer a beautiful sanctuary, healthy delicious meals, herbal baths, energy medicine, plant medicine, and a variety of healing practices and sacred ceremonies to support the healing of trauma and the many symptoms that manifest in our lives. We are set to open our doors in April of 2024, because this is the anniversary of my NDE, and is a sacred time of year for new beginnings and fresh starts.   Until we open, I will be posting videos about our progress on Evening TV.  



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“Evening has been such an inspiration and source of strength, hope and healing in my life."


“I admire Evening's courage and willingness to be open about issues few understand and even fewer talk about."  

- T.O

"Evening's story speaks to the seriousness of emotional abuse and the trauma it causes, but she also speaks to the strength of the human spirit and our ability to heal our own lives by alchemizing the transformative power of love. "  


"The best way I could describe Evening is as a mystic, a healer, a spiritual teacher, and my idea of a modern day shaman."


"Evening is a wise teacher, and a gentle guide for those of us on a recovery journey.  If Evening has created it, then I have no doubt that Hacienda Escondida de Noah will be a magical place." 


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