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Some of the Many Ways That Dogs Improve Human Lives

Dogs do more for humans than just cure bouts of loneliness and boredom. The ways that dogs improve human lives extends far beyond the obvious. They have the innate capability to enhance psychological and physical health, and in ways that other human beings simply cannot. If you choose to share your home with a dog, you will gain far more than you ever thought possible. It can be a mutually beneficial experience for all concerned. Once you are loved by a doggy, you will always want the unparalleled love and affection that only they can provide. Unlike many human relationships, a dog’s devotion is genuine.

Dogs Help to Lower Blood Pressure

The simple act of petting a dog can reduce blood pressure by promoting feelings of relaxation. When you have a bad day or issues that cannot be immediately resolved, the love of a canine can make a tremendous difference. Simply looking into their eyes and knowing that you are unconditionally loved can mean all of the difference in the world.

They Help Humans Fight Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Issues

High blood pressure is a physical condition that can be caused by a number of factors, but it is not the only ailment that dogs can help to improve. Studies show that owning a canine can help to relieve depression, anxiety and other serious mental health issues. A dog might not be able to solve the problems of humanity, but they can alter how human beings feel and respond.

Canines Can Boost Immunity to Allergies

Allergies to pets often start at a very young age, but they can be thwarted before symptoms ever arise. It has been proven that children and adults that had a dog early in life are less likely to become allergic. A study in the publication, Experimental Research & Allergy said that kids that had a dog in their first year of life were half as likely to suffer from pet allergies. Since canines regularly go outside, their dander contains allergens. When kids are exposed to the dander from early on, they become naturally protected from common allergy-inducing substances that originate outside. Waiting to adopt a dog might cause more harm than good when it comes to allergy prevention.

Dogs are Phenomenal Exercise Partners

When considering the many ways that dogs improve human lives, exercise is one of the most obvious. They are bundles of energy, and they can motivate human family members to get up and start moving. They are phenomenal exercise partners. Having an exercise buddy can mean the difference between getting out and walking, cycling or running and leading a sedentary life. Even games of fetch burn calories and work muscles.

They Help Kids Learn the Importance of Caring for Others

Kids of all ages are capable of caring for pets, at least to some extent. Even very young children can learn how to properly feed, water and care for dogs in age-appropriate ways. When kids are encouraged to help with pet care, they will learn the importance of caring for those who cannot care for themselves. Also, when they observe adults showing compassion to animals, they will learn to do the same. Compassionate children grow up to be caring adults that have the power to make a difference in the world.

You Can Learn a Lot about Life from a Dog

These are just some of the many ways that dogs improve human lives. They serve as examples of how to be truly happy. They do not need lots of costly material possessions or an important title to feel content. Canines live in the moment, and they do not care where they will be going with human family members. They are just happy to be going there. It is no wonder why they are considered man’s best friend. They help to make positive changes and improve human lives every day.

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