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The Myth of Narcissistic Friends (A Tempting Illusion)

The Myth of Narcissistic Friends (A Tempting Illusion) we discuss the lengths to which an abusive person will go to avoid taking responsibility. We have been given the opportunity to examine how a manipulative person will attempt to actually gaslight thousands of people simply by denying that they did something the group witnessed. We see this in politics all the time (especially lately), and this person who proudly admits to being a researcher for Alex Jones and other extreme conservative viewpoints in the media uses the same tactics. This actually started to make sense of the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing from the moment the meet-up began. This is a video about my experience at Kim Wilson's meet-up in Mexico, and the myth of friendship she created after the fact. Narcissists are too self focused for friendship, and I use this example to showcase just how that works.

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