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Warning to Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Part 2 (The Mask of a Healer)

Warning to Narcissistic Abuse Victims #2 (the mask of a healer) we process together the responses of the coaches themselves as well as other victims, the community as a whole and my own reaction and response to false allegations . Embrace reality is a slogan of my channel because this is the best way I know to stay grounded in the truth and not get swept up in the crazy making tactics emotional abusers will use. These types of abusers fight dirty because to them it feel like they are fighting for their lives. Instead of truly becoming the person they pretend to be, they fight to protect their facade and no blow is too low. When faced with cognitive dissonance we are faced with a choice. If you are a life coach who is supposed to have their clients best interest at heart, they are supposed to work to eradicate abuse, and help victims heal from the damage done o them. If you are a trusted coach and a client of yours is harmed by a person you said was trustworthy you have a choice on how you will get rid of the dissonance :

1. you can admit you were wrong about the person and and learn how to be more discerning

2. You can pretend you had nothing to do with any of it (aka: you can lie). this can be complicated further by hidden factors such as blackmail (secrets), romantic interest, greed and narcissistic need to be right. In this case we see that instead of speaking out about the abuser who took the meet up from being a disorganized structureless non-event and made it place for inevitable harm.

In Part 3 I will take you inside the event where you will find out what happened in the victims own words and you will see how he reactions did not line up with what was actually done.

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