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Beautiful Life

a memoir


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Beautiful Li e


The Art of Reinventing Your Life

When life deals impossible challenges, it is easy to fall into negative patterns. The result could be years of pain, guilt, anger and shame.  It need not be that way.  The Art of Reinventing Your Life shows you how to break the cycle, take control of your life, and experience true joy and fulfillment. Using personal experience and insight gained from psychology studies, Evening supports you with a clear and effective program to aid you in any crisis, be it addiction, divorce, career challenges, or any other setback.  This program does not require special tools or resources and it is never too late to start.   This program is for anyone who:

  • has experienced major life changes or challenges and is ready for a fresh start

  • has fallen into negative patterns and doesn’t know how to change them

  • has realized life has more to offer but doesn’t know where to begin



The Art of Loving Again 


When it comes to love, it is all about beliefs.  Few people enter adulthood with beliefs that lead to true intimacy and abiding love.

There are those who skipped the heartaches and lived happily ever after, and then there are the rest us.  

The Art of Loving Again  shows you how to experience the joy of giving and receiving love fully.  The program helps you examine past and current relationships in order to take responsibility, to identify unhealthy patterns and alter them.  You can learn a new way to love.


You already have all you need to succeed.

This program is for anyone who:

  • has experienced the end of a romantic relationship, whether recently or long ago

  • has gone through a string of broken relationships

  • has avoided romantic relationships believing that it isn’t worth it, or has felt that love and happiness are not possible

  • recognizes her current relationship may be in trouble but doesn’t know why and what to do about it


My Musings


Keeping a gratitude journal is an important part of all of my programs because I believe that it is a habit worth cultivating.  It has been one of the most effective tools in my life, it costs nothing, it organizes your priorities, it gets you in the habit of looking for the positive, and simply there is just no downside.  The other interesting thing about gratitude is that when you feel least grateful is precisely when it can be your saving grace because it is impossible to be both grateful and afraid at the same time.  At the low point in my life I clung to gratitude My intention is to design a journal that coordinates with my programs and includes encouraging words and writing prompts.  I hope to have the journal available soon.


Coming Soon

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