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Dear Mom & Dad - Estranged 15 yrs, Sent "letter" when Son died, Never heard back

Evening Shares the video she made for her parents after her son died, and now that it is almost a year later and they have made no attempt to reach out to their daughter and grandson, Evening offers this to bring her story full circle demonstrating how truly sick her parents would have to be to treat their own family this way, simply because they had the audacity to need them. It is the first and only time she has confronted them about their narcissism. In most cases, Evening suggests that survivors write letters to their abusers but not send them. In her case she needed to say these things to honor her son's memory and to protect her other son from feeling obligated to a family that had totally not been there for him. Its been another ten months and Evening has heard nothing at all from them. Of course her fantasy was that they would be shocked and horrified and feel terrible that I had felt this way for so long, and they would reach out to me and my son, and try to understand what happened. That they would change.

After 10 months she hasn't received any response except for more absurd invitations to birthday parties for her other son, while still excluding Evening. They have clearly disowned their daughter and that is why they didn't honor her grandmother's wishes.

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