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PV Meet-up Gone Bad Emails

I want to present the full details available via emails to fully explain the sequence of events leading up to Evening Ransom producing the PV meet-up gone bad videos. There remain questions about exactly how things unfolded and what emails exist. As of today October 23, Kim Wilson has put of a "Narcissists: Obsessed, Envious, Disordered" video that is full of lies and completely contradictory to the emails she sent. Here I illustrate the full timeline and exchanges between Kim and Evening. I will also demonstrate how one can verify the integrity of an email by looking at your authenticated received chain headers.

The timeline starts with a cocktail party hosted by Evening at her room on Sunday September 16. Early in the morning of September 17, L and David have the first bad interaction. It is not until September 21 that Evening receives the first email indicating that a problem had occurred.

In the timeline, the first email thread is labelled with the green msg1 through msg5 boxes. Separate emails threads labelled t2_msg1 through t2_msg4, t3_msg and t4_msg1 through t4_msg2 are also shown. The bottom pink and purple boxes show when videos from Kim and Evening are being put up.


Let’s begin with the first msg1:

This shows the full contents of the email as known by the email server. It includes a number of lines known as headers that provide metadata about the msg. These include lines like ARC-Seal:…, ARC-Authentication-Results:…, and DKIM-Signature:…, all of which provide an integrity check of the sender and the contents of the message. These can be used to verify that the message is valid and unmodified from the sender. This uses what are know as cryptographic signatures, a technology used pervasively to validate information content in everything from email to bitcoin, banking, and every secure connection made on the web. Every message I will show has this information available for validation by an expert witness in a court case. If you want to look into the details, I suggest starting with

In the text of the emails that following, only Evening’s, Kim’s and David’s names are used. Other peoples names have been replaced with a single letter mnemonic. Kim's emails are shown in red text, Evening's emails are shown in blue text. My commentary on the thread continues in the black text as seen in this paragraph. Note that I have just watched Kim's latest video where she attempts to put a spin on what really happened. Frankly she has just dug a massive hole by introducing more inconsistencies between what she says in these emails and what she says in the video.

Now, the text of msg1 from Kim on Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:10:49:


Hi Evening,

The girls and `I have been watching your videos pretty steady and we all

agree that you might be the best person to talk to.

We have had a very odd experience during this meet-up and we would all


very much to chat with you about it.

In total there are 5 of us, and we would be available to Skype, Zoom,

email, text....whatever works for you.

Please do not mention this email to anyone outside of this group of


me, K, D, J and L.

If you are able to chat, I will forward their email addresses to you.


leave tomorrow, but could chat anytime once they arrive back home.

Thank you so very much

I hope to hear back from you soon



Ok, so something happened and Evening is being asked to help out on Fri Sep 21 at 18:10. Evening replies with msg1_reply:


Sure Kim. I'd be honored to talk to you guys. I ended up feeling

so bad

that I didn't even get a photo with you. I saw the ladies as your


so didn't ask them for numbers or anything like that, but I did

hope that

they would at least find my videos at some point and say hello. I


really open in terms of time. I'm just home packing up my house

all day

every day!! I was trying to record a follow up video for my own

channel but

haven't even gotten to that so far. You can text me to get through


if you want to. xxx-xxx-xxx.

Talk soon,



Kim responds with the following msg2 on Sat, 22 Sep 2018 12:20:18:



Thank you so much for your reply.

Something very strange happened here. There was a super predator amongst


L was aggressively attacked, sexually harassed in a very deviant

manner, held hostage, isolated, manipulated, screamed at, called names,

humiliated, threatened and all communication and interaction were

manipulated. Every attempt to get people together was controlled and


I want to fill you in, but this creepy narc freak was talking behind

everyone's back and pulling all the strings, I want to include everyone in

this conversation because after this covert manipulation I would not feel

OK mentioning anyone's name unless there was full transparency.

I don't want any part of talking behind anyone's back. So I am attaching

everyone, except for J because I can not find her email address. It is

somewhere, likely buried in a thread. But I hope someone will add her to

this thread and forward this email.

Something very strange just happened here in PV Evening, we all saw it, and

we think there is important info here, not to mention we just discovered a

super predator hiding amongst us.

What took our narcs years to achieve, this creep manage to pull off in a

matter of 24 hours.

This creep pulled strings to keep us all apart, isolate us from one another

and thou K was immediately alerted, it took the rest of us a few days

to realize what was happening. Thou ultimately it was L’s account of

what had happened to her that blew the lid off this entire event.

This is a pretty strange story Evening. They are genuine predators, they

are all working off a collective hive mind and thou it took several of us a

few days to see it, me included, a real monster just exposed itself in a

very public way. And I will admit that I was instantly confused by the

gaslighting and control tactics.

Thank God, most of my communication with the thing is in writing and now

screen saved.

Did you pick up any strange energy Evening?

Are you able to mediate this conversation?

I just want full disclosure and transparency between all of us, because

this creep just manipulated 9 people with total ease.

With best regards