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PV Meet-up Gone Bad Emails

I want to present the full details available via emails to fully explain the sequence of events leading up to Evening Ransom producing the PV meet-up gone bad videos. There remain questions about exactly how things unfolded and what emails exist. As of today October 23, Kim Wilson has put of a "Narcissists: Obsessed, Envious, Disordered" video that is full of lies and completely contradictory to the emails she sent. Here I illustrate the full timeline and exchanges between Kim and Evening. I will also demonstrate how one can verify the integrity of an email by looking at your authenticated received chain headers.

The timeline starts with a cocktail party hosted by Evening at her room on Sunday September 16. Early in the morning of September 17, L and David have the first bad interaction. It is not until September 21 that Evening receives the first email indicating that a problem had occurred.

In the timeline, the first email thread is labelled with the green msg1 through msg5 boxes. Separate emails threads labelled t2_msg1 through t2_msg4, t3_msg and t4_msg1 through t4_msg2 are also shown. The bottom pink and purple boxes show when videos from Kim and Evening are being put up.


Let’s begin with the first msg1:

This shows the full contents of the email as known by the email server. It includes a number of lines known as headers that provide metadata about the msg. These include lines like ARC-Seal:…, ARC-Authentication-Results:…, and DKIM-Signature:…, all of which provide an integrity check of the sender and the contents of the message. These can be used to verify that the message is valid and unmodified from the sender. This uses what are know as cryptographic signatures, a technology used pervasively to validate information content in everything from email to bitcoin, banking, and every secure connection made on the web. Every message I will show has this information available for validation by an expert witness in a court case. If you want to look into the details, I suggest starting with

In the text of the emails that following, only Evening’s, Kim’s and David’s names are used. Other peoples names have been replaced with a single letter mnemonic. Kim's emails are shown in red text, Evening's emails are shown in blue text. My commentary on the thread continues in the black text as seen in this paragraph. Note that I have just watched Kim's latest video where she attempts to put a spin on what really happened. Frankly she has just dug a massive hole by introducing more inconsistencies between what she says in these emails and what she says in the video.

Now, the text of msg1 from Kim on Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:10:49:


Hi Evening,

The girls and `I have been watching your videos pretty steady and we all

agree that you might be the best person to talk to.

We have had a very odd experience during this meet-up and we would all


very much to chat with you about it.

In total there are 5 of us, and we would be available to Skype, Zoom,

email, text....whatever works for you.

Please do not mention this email to anyone outside of this group of


me, K, D, J and L.

If you are able to chat, I will forward their email addresses to you.


leave tomorrow, but could chat anytime once they arrive back home.

Thank you so very much

I hope to hear back from you soon



Ok, so something happened and Evening is being asked to help out on Fri Sep 21 at 18:10. Evening replies with msg1_reply:


Sure Kim. I'd be honored to talk to you guys. I ended up feeling

so bad

that I didn't even get a photo with you. I saw the ladies as your


so didn't ask them for numbers or anything like that, but I did

hope that

they would at least find my videos at some point and say hello. I


really open in terms of time. I'm just home packing up my house

all day

every day!! I was trying to record a follow up video for my own

channel but

haven't even gotten to that so far. You can text me to get through


if you want to. xxx-xxx-xxx.

Talk soon,



Kim responds with the following msg2 on Sat, 22 Sep 2018 12:20:18:



Thank you so much for your reply.

Something very strange happened here. There was a super predator amongst


L was aggressively attacked, sexually harassed in a very deviant

manner, held hostage, isolated, manipulated, screamed at, called names,

humiliated, threatened and all communication and interaction were

manipulated. Every attempt to get people together was controlled and


I want to fill you in, but this creepy narc freak was talking behind

everyone's back and pulling all the strings, I want to include everyone in

this conversation because after this covert manipulation I would not feel

OK mentioning anyone's name unless there was full transparency.

I don't want any part of talking behind anyone's back. So I am attaching

everyone, except for J because I can not find her email address. It is

somewhere, likely buried in a thread. But I hope someone will add her to

this thread and forward this email.

Something very strange just happened here in PV Evening, we all saw it, and

we think there is important info here, not to mention we just discovered a

super predator hiding amongst us.

What took our narcs years to achieve, this creep manage to pull off in a

matter of 24 hours.

This creep pulled strings to keep us all apart, isolate us from one another

and thou K was immediately alerted, it took the rest of us a few days

to realize what was happening. Thou ultimately it was L’s account of

what had happened to her that blew the lid off this entire event.

This is a pretty strange story Evening. They are genuine predators, they

are all working off a collective hive mind and thou it took several of us a

few days to see it, me included, a real monster just exposed itself in a

very public way. And I will admit that I was instantly confused by the

gaslighting and control tactics.

Thank God, most of my communication with the thing is in writing and now

screen saved.

Did you pick up any strange energy Evening?

Are you able to mediate this conversation?

I just want full disclosure and transparency between all of us, because

this creep just manipulated 9 people with total ease.

With best regards



Ok, without saying who exactly this "super predator" is, this email is already starting to completely contradict her "Narcissists: Obsessed, Envious, Disordered" video. First of all, if the initial interaction with David and L were as she described where David was looking for some Nirvana healing session with a group of victims, and L was some sex obsessed slut, there is no way that this email would not have questioned what happened. Second, instead of vouching for David in glowing terms as she does in the video, here she is claiming he is talking behind everyone's back and is asking Evening if she picked up on any strange vibe. How do these two things reconcile? Where is the mention of the message she says she got from David indicating that there was a problem with L? Where is the we need to get both sides of the story before rushing to judgement? No, Kim here is completely sold that L is telling the truth and that David is a "super predator".

Evening responds to Kim's email with two separate responses, msg2_reply1 on Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 6:25 PM:


When do you guys want to talk, and how should we go about it?


and msg2_reply2 on Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 6:47:


I don't know what took this email so long to show up as I've been looking

for it since you first mentioned this issue yesterday. I apologize if

you've been waiting on me. Now, if we are talking about David yes, I did

pick up on some very controlling and aggressive vibes. I had the

impression that he wasn't hanging out with you guys as much as you had

expected, and I was having such a hard time meeting back up with you that I

didn't know there was this much interaction between all of you or with

David. After hearing that he didn't help out with the airport transports

and all that and seeing that he did two lengthy videos from his room, it

looked like he was kind of doing his own thing, which given the male/female

ratio at the event I figured was probably the best thing. Please fill me

in on what happened and when.

Talk soon I hope,



Understand that the meet-up is over and we are all back home. Evening's comment about the male/female ratio is based on the fact that she never even knew there was another man at the meet-up until it was over. They met Kim and David for dinner on Friday, and said David seemed fine, but Kim was out of control being rude and obnoxious but they wrote it off to how “pissed” (drunk, they are Brits) she was, and expected to get a clearer impression of her over the next few days. Never did they expect that it would be impossible to connect with Kim again or to meet any of the other participants. They saw David on Saturday for lunch and were unable to connect with him again after that. We were in the hotel right next to them and never even knew it. They did not know about the party at my place on Sunday. The meet-up for them essentially amounted to a dinner Friday and a lunch Saturday, both were arranged by them. No more interactions with Kim and only rather shocking and rude interactions with David, but do not see them again, and never meet anyone else. At this point Evening believes David is the only man other than her husband who attended. )

Now a second email thread starts, on which the t2_msg1 from Kim beginning on Sun, 23 Sep 2018 08:36:04:


Good morning,

I believe that everyone but D made it home safely. She was bumped from

her flight, some silly issue about having to be sober on flights...LOL!

It took a little work to find her, but I did. I am picking her up this

morning and she will be staying here at my house, until we can get her

another flight, maybe Monday or Tuesday on Alaska!

But she is great, cheery as always, and I am happy to have a roommate for a

few days, so everything is good!

I agree with K 100%, this needs to be addressed, dealt with,

exposed....whatever it takes.

This is no garden-variety narc, this is a Super Predator.

This narc played us all, with the greatest of ease, moving us around like

chessmen. The level of covert manipulation was incredible to watch and gave

me a heightened level of insight, so I am not as bothered by that as much.

I am not happy about it, but L is the real issue here. It was like

watching the movie Gaslight, in real time. Truly amazing to watch first


My real issue is what happened to L, that was too bloody much, and that

in itself is cause for extreme alarm within our community. The anger,

aggression, isolation, mind control, humiliation, name-calling and the fear

he caused in fucking way, not on my watch! If we know about this

and do nothing, we are simply not very good people and I want to be a good

person. L deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. This was an

extremely aggressive attack on her, and I believe he is dangerous and 100%

capable of harming a victim.

And the speed he was moving at....shocking! It took our ex-narcs years to

pull off what this super creep could do in a matter of 24 hours.

J and E were completely isolated from the rest of us, I was told

several times, that communication with them, needed to go through him, as

they were either both narcs, or one was a narc and terrorizing the other,

and then the story would change again. Every time I tried to chat with him

about contacting J & E, he would go into some rant, and I would be standing

there utterly that wasn't a red flag! I asked repeatedly

for his cell number, J and E. I asked where they were staying and

he would say he didn't know and a few hours later he would tell me he had

been with them. I was told that they wanted to be alone, they kept moving

hotels, they were narcs, everything should go through him. I feel like a

complete fool for not spotting the manipulation immediately.

There were 6 women here that wanted very much to meet E and spend time

with her, and she was completely isolated from the rest of us. Thank God I

had a chance to meet her, and she is lovely. It is a real loss that we did

not get to spend more time with her. I am pretty pissed off about the E


And I feel like a fool, all the signs were there, I felt confused,

frustrated, unsure of what to do. All of the uncomfortable emotions were

coming up.

He was bad mouthing all of us to each other, making people feel unwanted,

unimportant.....but no worries, he was there for us! LMFAO!

Now he is scrambling, in full narc panic mode, trying to find himself an

ally, a flying money, someone to back up his shit.

This guy is really smooth, truly a master manipulator, and watching it

unfold right before my eyes, was a real wake up call.

The aggressive, deviant sexually charged assault against L, would have

landed his ass in a Mexican jail had we figured out what he had done to her

sooner. Mexico has laws too! And that shit simply doesn't fly here.

After hearing L’s story and the obvious trail he left 100% confirms her

accuracy and the account of the situation....OMG!

Telling me he wasn't getting my messages, not answering the phone in his

room, not opening the door to me when I was trying to find him. Telling me

in the morning that he would pass on info about beach get-togethers,

dinners out, going dancing etc. to J & E, and then saying he hadn't heard

from them and in the next moment saying he had been with them.

WTF? Honestly? Divide and conquer, it was a chess game, and we were the

chess pieces.

Getting us lost the night we were heading to Evenings and blaming J for

giving him bad directions and then saying he never talked to J about was a shit show. I did call him out on that because his BS was

getting really thick at that point and he back paddled his way out of that

lie. It had nothing to do with J….nothing at all. He did not want us

going to Evenings, he was mad as hell all night because we were going

there, he later said they stole his WTF?

In passing while still driving I did say...hum, maybe not dude, they didn't

appear to be in need of booze, nor did they seem the type to steal

someone's Tequilla. Likely seriously? He was very angry, abnormally angry

about the Tequilla. And I am wondering if that is what triggered the attack

on L, because he was pissed about that. Thou he did seem angry most of

the time, he was really mad about that.

He didn't want to go to the beach, not to dinner, not out dancing, nada,

and he never wanted to go to Evenings that night. And he made sure he

controlled communication to ensure people did not get together. And thou I

was communicating with him on Skype he continued to say he never got my

messages. Then after he does all of that, he tells L, things are

disorganized.....well, no shit!

For those of us that were in direct communication with each other, we

managed just fine to meet-up, spend time at the beach, get together for

dinner and go out dancing. We were hanging out together at each other's

pools etc.

And we owe L a big night out year L, for certain!

And the crap he pulled in front of Andela's Rest. with L? Are you

kidding me? The brazen nerve of the shameless creep! Zero shame, zero

remorse, nothing but narc supply and a smirk! And speed in which he was

able to mind sweep L, is fucking shocking.

She was instantly under his control, willing to have sex with him, so he

would stop scaring her, stop calling her names, stop screaming sexually

deviant remarks at her. She was instantly scared, instantly willing to do

whatever it was going to take to calm him down and reduce the threat of

personal harm or violent attack, instantly on eggshells. And he did it

within a matter of hours. And Thank God, she knew how to calm that narc

down, because I 100% believe him to be a very real danger.

This guy is the biggest narc hiding within our community. The biggest

threat to victims and survivors....full stop! He is far creepier than HG.

by miles. Our community is a magnet for these creatures and they have to be

flushed out into the light where people can see them for what they are.

Bless your hearts each and everyone of you



Again, Kim is completely bashing David, providing details of how he was behaving in anti-social ways in his interactions with everyone at PV, not just L. How does this reconcile with the effusive comments about David she is making in the video? It does not. Kim is lying in her comments about never sending any emails. She is lying about how the interactions in PV went in her video as well.

Evening responds with t2_msg1_reply on Sun, 23 Sep 2018 11:22:22:


Just complete and total drama. On the tequila, he presented it like a gift

which is a normal thing to do when you are a gift in someone's home.

Regardless, if he didn't want to leave it why did he? We had a counter top

full of bottles of tequila and didn't need his, but its clear that he

wanted to look like a generous, polished gentleman but clearly hoped we

would tackle him at the door and force him to take back his "gift." He

sent a follow up email the next day where he thanked us for a nice time and

of course there is no mention of the tequila! Seems his "anger" was

contrived. The point here is mostly that he is establishing a pattern, and

sadly what happened was somewhat predictable and though I didn't know what

the harm would be exactly, I did feel protective of the women that came and

was trying to meet back up with you to make sure everything was okay for

the next two nights, and why I made it clear that I had extra room should

anyone need it. I didn't think it was a safe environment for anyone so

early in their recovery, and did see that L needed to be protected from

David because I didn't expect her to have decent boundaries because none of

us did/do early in our recovery, and because she was led to believe that

David was safe and trustworthy because of his association with Kim. In the

interest of transparency to use Kim's word, I think the nature of the

relationship between Kim and David as well as between Kim and other

channels needs to be shared with the viewers because at this point it

really does appear that Kim was vouching for David's character and

expertise and because of that thousands of people are now listening to him

having no idea who he really is. This is time for a simple "I was wrong"

video that makes it clear that you are no longer supporting David's channel

and that you see him as a dangerous threat to vulnerable people. *Kim

needs to quickly come out with a statement separating herself from David in

my opinion. *

Even outside of an overt attack there were problems but I wasn't clear what

the cause was, and am still not entirely clear on it. Obviously David was

a problem, for instance, why did he say he didn't want to come to my place

and why then did he come and why did his desires impact what anyone else

was doing? Did you, Kim, see any red flags in the months you've been

working together? It seems there was a discrepancy between the way you

both saw your involvement with this event. To me it looked like David was

going to assist Kim in putting it on, but when you came to my place it

seemed David was there as any other subscriber as he claimed no

responsibility for getting people from the airport and so on, but it seems

he also felt somewhat in charge as well in terms of dictating the agenda

and communication . What was your agreement or understanding with David

going into this event? Were there other participants that came to the meet

up that I didn't even know about? Were J and E David's

subscribers? Still trying to understand the sequence of events and get a

clear picture on what everyone was thinking going into this event.

Thank you,



So Evening responds that Kim needs to have a statement of separation from David and asks about any red flags from working together previously.

Kim’s next msg in the thread is t2_msg3 which is a reply to L on Sun, 23 Sep 2018 15:04:29:


Yes, L,

He had a bee in his bonnet about E for certain. You ladies did not see

E, but holy cow! Beauty Queen, sweet, soft-spoken, humble,

charming.....she was threatening to him in some way, for sure, I saw that

day one!

And the homophobia, gay bashing steadily. And blaming J for some sort of

exposure he had to gay men.

I contacted several of my closest gay friends and tried to explain his

aggression towards gay people, and they all said....that is a really bad

sign. Plus he had us take him to that Gay Resort, after going off about it,

10 minutes earlier.

Plus he said we were lost because of J….? I called him out on that.

L may remember I called him out on it, because things were starting to

seem off to me. 1 + 1 wasn't equally 2 anymore.

Plus he looked like he had been out all night, in the mornings when I

couldn't get him on Skype. I just went to his hotel and he looked like he

had been dragged behind a truck every morning. Plus he had an eye injury

that he just skipped over when I asked him about it.

I am going downtown right now to have dinner with D, so I have to run.

I will check this thread when I get back home.




Again, condemnation and red flags regarding the behavior Kim witnessed from David. First, another young, pretty woman has elicited unusual behavior from David and Kim says she noticed. Second, blatant homophobic statements indicate a lack of awareness and deep seated bigotry. J had also mentioned being rather stunned by Davids strong homophobic statements. Third, Kim catching David in lies and calling him out. Fourth, David looks like hell. Getting "roughed" up the by gay men he so publicly criticizes? Sound like a pattern of publicly one thing, in private another?

The next message received was t2_msg4 from Kim on Mon, 24 Sep 2018 08:43:10:


Hi guys,

I just want to clarify a few things.

When I invited people to PV I invited victims and survivors, not narcs. I

believed David like everyone else to be a nice person. I did not invite a

narc here, any more than I invited a narc into my life. Narc's do not

appear to be narcs initially, as we all know.

I do not have any professional affiliation with David De Mars whatsoever.

It has never even been a topic of conversation between David and me or a

third party.

I did have a marketing manager for a brief period but found that middleman

marketing agent thing was poorly suited to my goals and my channel. His

name is also David, let's call him David O.

I did have a client named David and we can call him David N, an American

doctor living in Canada. I have a video up about him, with his photo on the


David O did not imply that I worked with David De Mars, as he knows that to

be false. He was stating that I had worked with a man named David N in the

past the American trauma expert living in Canada.

I have never had any professional relationship with David DM, no

contractual agreements, nothing, nada, zilch, zip.....not a bloody thing.

He is a fellow Youtuber, I have talked to him on several occasions over

that past year+ and he has always been friendly, polite,

horribly victimized, he asked for my help, and I did my best to help him

based on what he told me.

There is no relationship between David and me to explain.

I quickly realized that David O or the concept of having an agent was not

well suited to me, or my channel so that was a short-lived relationship. I

get many requests for collaborations, and I now handle that myself, I

screen any that might be of interest through the regular channels, BBB,

reviews, and personal communication etc.

I have made several changes in marketing and I no longer do collabs, I now

work exclusively with channel sponsors that I have been able to get to

know, better understand and screen myself. Information gets lost when you

are working with a middleman.

I have promoted other channels, Kill Jezebel for example based on her

willingness to hold meet-ups and help survivors form friendships. She is

not a client of mine, nor do we have a professional relationship. We talk

on the phone or Zoom and she mentions an up-coming meet-up in New York and

I help her promote it. That's it, that's all.

I too work with friends from my channel for free, phone calls, Zoom, Skype

etc, as Evening does, so my channel is funded by donations, and commercial

sponsors, and thou I get loaded of requests for sponsorship agreements, I

do not like many of them. But will be working with a few over the next few

months up until Christmas.

That multiple "David" thing can be a little confusing. Which brings me to

the word confusing......I believe it is important to stay focused on facts,

and the real source of this situation. Blame shifting, incorrect

information, over examination will lead us away from the real issue.

Thou none of us had any idea what was happening, one person did. One person

was pulling the strings, one person was fully aware of what was happening

and what the end game was, and that person is David. David is responsible,

David and David alone. He was fully aware of his own personal intentions,

he knew exactly what he was doing and what he hoped to gain, and he

developed a plan that he executed with no regard for anyone but himself.

L decided to go to get something to eat with a person she felt

comfortable with, and she made this choice based on the simple, and

extremely common scenario...

"Hey, do you want to get something to eat?"

"Sure let's do it"

Nothing odd about that, whatsoever. A common exchange of words, something

we are all very familiar with, nothing odd, no red flags, simply "Do you

want to get something to eat?"

L is in no way to blame, there is no deeper exploration needed, as it

was late and she was hungry. When going to get something to eat presents a

threat thou no obvious threat was detectable, there is a problem, and once

again we must stay focused on the real problem.

Covert intentions, a creepy hidden agenda, soul sickness, delusional

thinking, and a need to control and manipulate good and trusting people are

the problem here, and all attention should be focused on David and the

development of a well-executed plan to expose a narc hiding amongst us.

Full stop.

I did explain in my videos that PV has a low crime rate, I rarely lock my

doors, the weather is good and the people are friendly, all true! I did not

in any manner imply that I would be assuming responsibility for anyone's

safety, that claim was never made, nor could anyone make a promise like

that. To make a promise like that I would have to assume control over

peoples actions and choices. I never implied that anyone should trust that

I would be assuming responsibility for their safety. People make choices

every day that could potentially put them in harm's way, and thou I assume

responsibility for my own personal choices, it defies logic that I would

assume responsibility for the choices of others.

Any assumption that I said people should trust that I was assuming personal

responsibility for their choices and actions is simply false and


I 100% agree that I must make a retraction regarding my support of David,

but I will not be engaging in any sort of online shit show, no Youtube

chaos, no smear campaigns, as that is not my style. And as we all know

David already has a counter plan in place complete with a smear campaign,

and wild allegations.

He is reaching out now in an attempt to assemble a fleet of flying monkeys.

I agree no contact is the very best option right now. Silence is our best

defense and it is the most responsible, mature, integral step for us to


I have no problem assuming responsibility for any role I played, but I am

never assuming the responsibility for the actions of a narc, I did that for

many years, it ended badly and I am never doing that again. That would be

counterproductive, it perpetuates victim shaming, it misdirects people

attention away from the real problem, the real bad guy, and a grave issue

that is destroying the lives of countless millions of good people the world


At this point I am not sure where things went sideways exactly, I am not

sure if I overlooked any red flags, I am not sure what role I played in

this, thou I am actively pouring over past communications with him. And I

am trying to figure out what I might have missed if anything. David is a

master manipulator, he had an agenda, it was covert, he executed it

methodically, and he did it over a one year period, in my case. He gained

my trust, he used me and I am still feeling very unsettled about that.

I also feel that the time I spent with the girls, in particular, L,

D, J, and K, resulted in genuine friendships, in fact, I

consider each of them to be a very special friend. If their trust in me

hinges on me assuming all responsibility for the actions of a narcissist,

well, they are not the friends I believe them to be. And I am 100%

convinced beyond a question that they are my friends, friends I cherish and

hope to spend more time with at any and all future opportunities.

If I am mistaken about this, I certainly welcome their thoughts.

I believe that there is one focus, and that is

"There is a covert narc posing as a victim, preying on gravely injured


As in all cases of narc abuse, vision is 20/20 when looking back on it. No

one should feel ashamed when manipulated or harmed by a master manipulator.

That's what they do, they are good at it, it is their area of expertise.

They do not think like us and it is impossible for us to understand the

working of their corrupted intentional deceptive minds.

I would also like to address something J mentioned, and that was the day

I was apparently "missing in action". The day J claims I was not in

contact with him, this is true, but it is not true of David. I had been

with David the night before and I was very clear that I would be at the

airport most of the day picking people up, which I did. David had been in

contact with J and E and thou he knew exactly what I was doing he

neglected to pass that info on to J & E.

I had also asked him to put together some sort of dinner meet-up plan as I

would not have the time to do so. But rather, he acted like he had no idea

where I was, and let on as if he was in the dark. He had told me that he

would assist with picking people up, he knew when J & E were arriving, thou

I did not and he neglected to mention their arrival times so I could pick

them up.

David was well aware that I do not have a cell phone and that I would lose

all contact once I left for the airport.

I would have gladly picked up J & E, and felt bad that I had not been able

too. I picked up David, L, D, J, and K and would have

liked to pick up everyone.

I received an email from J once they arrived and were at their hotel. I

do believe that David was aware of J and E's travel itinerary and if

I am wrong, please correct this for me.

David was grumpy, unwilling to participate, secretive, injected himself

into our communications with each other and I remained in constant contact

with him. Thou he rarely replied claiming he was not getting my messages.

Thou I was getting his when he did finally reply.

If he did not reply, I made the trip into Old Town and went to his hotel in

person in an attempt to communicate with him.

I think he became angry with J over some "gay" issue, which I am certain

was a further attempt to hide some weird agenda. In fact, he gay-bashed so

frequently I assumed he was gay and ashamed of it, and that is also the

assumption of my gay friends when I mentioned this strange behavior to them

very recently.

He brought up the topic of gay men with several other people, I was not the

only one he mentioned this too. And YES, it was weird! He also went on some

rant about trannies in Las Vegas, but I shut that conversation down fast,

as one of my best pals, is a man transitioned to a woman, and I did not

like his tone of voice. I detected hostility and I refused to have that

conversation with him.

Peoples sexual orientation is none of my fucking business and it is never a

consideration when forming friendships.

David was staying on the gay side of town, there are pretty gay men

wondering everywhere and this may have triggered him, brought up some

issues or enraged him.....God only knows how their damaged minds work.

All things considered, I thought that we all did our best to extend

friendship and respect, we were trusting and open-minded, we greeted each

other with an open heart and I do not think that we need to try and unveil

the secrets of the universe at this point. I believe that this is a cut and

dry case of narc infiltration. A group of recovering empaths could have

easily appeared too yummy to resist. Soul vampires want to destroy human

souls and there were plenty of them here.

A predator could easily see a group of recovering empaths looking to make

friends and reduce isolation as a giant target, a feeding ground of sorts

and too good to resist. And I believe that this is what we are dealing


Unless I am missing something, which is always a possibility.

David's actions and choices were made by him. David's choices alone paint a

picture of a predator. A very intentional predator and it is my belief that

he should be exposed in an attempt to protect our community now and in the

future. Exposed in a way that first and foremost protects this group,

directs the blame where it belongs and reduces the risk of harm to other

victims and survivors.

I will do whatever it takes to expose him, as long as we are dealing in

facts. And as long as we all agree with the steps we should take to do

this. Thou I am very eager to play a part in exposing him, I am not now or

ever going to play scapegoat to some self-propelled demon possessed

gay-bashing, womanizing, lying, covert freak from hell that intentionally

targets good people.

Call it a boundary, but that's not happening. My days of being a victim are

over, and I am nobodies scapegoat. And thou I respect everyone's right to

their opinion I am not personally willing to accept the blame for something

I did not do or say. My intentions were honest and sincere, and I will not

have my genuine desire to make much-needed friends twisted into something

that it is not. It feels misleading, distracting, and dishonest.

And as Evening so beautifully stated, we have the truth on our side, as

narcs hate the truth. So in many ways, we do have an advantage. We just

need to figure out how to best put that advantage to work for our

community. This point that Evening brought up about narcs hatred of the

truth, is extremely valuable while we consider our options.

As narcs very intentionally create a feeling of confusion, gaslighting most

certainly leaves victims questioning reality, I just hope to be able to see

this in it's truest form. I want to expose the truth and nothing but the

truth. And I believe that the truth lies within our collective experience,

communications, and intuition in this case. Each of us has a puzzle piece

and we need to just lay all the pieces down so we can put the puzzle


Bless your hearts



Ok, there is a lot here. First, Kim attempts to clear up some confusion over multiple Davids, clearly asserting that she has no relationship or knowledge of who David DeMars really is, and documents several example of homophobic statements, anger, moodiness and anti-social behavior. Again, how does this jive with the " some stories and all I saw was genuine concern and empathy and a tremendous amount of compassion for me" statement she makes in the video? Either Kim is a chameleon saying whatever she thinks the group she is talking to wants to hear, or she is a two faced liar. Neither bode well for someone wanting to be a leader in a community.

At this point it seems clear that there is a desire to do something about David, but she is very defensive about accepting any blame for David being amongst the group. She is talking about being a scapegoat. This seems like a paranoid overreaction. All Evening has called out is that Kim invited people to this meetup, a "super predator" has come, and Evening wants a public statement warning the community of the potential danger. Now what Kim is actually promoting in her video is that David is a great guy and Evening is a community narc. Check the facts; multiple people including Kim note odd, narc-like, anti-social behavior from David, no-one mentions anything about Evening, and in fact Kim herself is seeking her council. How does the leap happen?

Evening replies with t2_msg4_reply on Mon, 24 Sep 2018 14:18:54:


Kim, I understand what you are trying to say, but I don't see how you can

deny inviting a narcissist to the meet up. David is as disordered as they

come, and he had unguarded access to a group of vulnerable women who

believed he was safe because of his association with you. Again, I'm not

blaming you for what David did, but I am also making a clear distinction in

responsibility between say you and L. It is fair to say that you

missed the signs or whatever is true for you in relationship to David, and

what I would be angriest about if I was you is that he undermined your

credibility. He was a liability whose actions could easily cost you a

great deal. That said, I do now understand that there were in fact 3

Davids!! After reading this email I went back to my correspondence with

David O and realized that yes in fact there was a 3rd David! It is clear

throughout all of my conversations with David O that I believe we are

talking about the David from Crazy Narcissist ex Girlfriend as I say

several times that I am familiar with his channel, and David O never

corrects me, but anyway up until this morning I thought this David was the

one we were talking about. They even look alike! Contributing to this

confusion was the appearance of some kind of relationship between the two

of you that went beyond your relationship with any of the rest of us.

Several references were made to David making it feel like he was going to

be a contact person, a person helping with transportation and airport pick

ups, etc., and it does seem that his place was the first stop and he was

always the one who knew what was going on more than anyone else. I even

tried to assume sort of a co-host role even just for one kick off event

where everyone could be introduced and so on, and instead of being with me

and most of your guests you were with David, who felt entitled to voice his

opinion on the agenda for the group which no one else was doing. I don't

think anyone else would have believed they had power over anyone's agenda

but their own, but for whatever reason David seemed to be somewhat of a

contact person, although only when it was convenient for him. It did seem

there was a friendship or something a step beyond where the rest of us were

all just meeting for the very first time. Even with his made up lies about

you. Obviously the implication is that he was in a position to know more

about you than the rest of us. I mean, it would make no sense for him to

call me an addict since we only just met. I don't want to speak for anyone

else, but my impression (of course based somewhat on my belief that you had

a marketing arrangement with him) was that you knew one another more than

anyone else there knew either of you.

Thank you very much for clearing up the 3 David confusion! That helps me a

great deal.

L did send me the story about what happened and it was truly a

nightmare that we need to do something about immediately. Every day that

nothing is said is another day where people read comments about how much he

is helping people and so on. Another reason I believed you were helping

him was that he has recently grown a great deal, so obviously he is doing

something. I believe that we were close to the same size when I got that

call from David O almost a year ago and now he is two to three times as

big, so it seemed a good illustration of the benefits. Now that I realize

I had the wrong David, I am wondering what this David actually did!! I

hate that a psychopath has more subscribers than I do!! LOL! I'm not

quite sure what that tells us!

I was relieved that at least he did not actually physically rape L.

Kim's mention of laws, police, sex and jail made it sound. Were there

actually any laws broken? If so, I'm still missing that part of the story.

Not to minimize the damage that could easily have been done without him

touching a hair on her pretty head, but seeing how necessary it is to stick

with the facts. What was the point about Mexico's laws or L's

willingness to have sex referring to? I'm asking for two reasons: 1.

Because if sex happened it could easily be considered coercion or duress

and 2. If sex did not happen and no laws were broken then these kinds of

statements will take us off the point and undermine our credibility. We

need to be careful and deliberate with the things we say sticking with the

facts which are more than enough.


So Evening has only recently read the full account of the abuse of L based on an email from her, but that will not be repeated here. Up until this point Evening's opinion of David were solely based on Kim's feedback of her interaction and observation of David. Evening is wanting a factual statement to be made concerning the events at the meet-up. Evening again is calling out that Kim has some responsibility for David being there despite Kim's desire for this to be completely out of her hands.

Next in the thread is t2_msg5 from Kim on Tue, 25 Sep 2018 06:21:25:


Evening and friends,

The reason I am denying inviting a narcissist is that I did not invite a

narcissist. I invited a nice guy, and I am sure you all understand this

based on your own personal experiences with narcissism.

I do not have an association with David, David is a fellow Youtuber, one I

have talked to, and one that seemed to be very nice and concerned about the

community. And something really changed when he arrived here, his attitude,

his tone of voice, everything.

In no way did David undermind my credibility, he may have trashed himself,

exposed himself, but he did nothing to my credibility. I know exactly who I

am and what I stand for. And in the end, the truth will always rise to the

surface, besides the dude was already smearing me here. I don't care about

that at all. This is not my first rodeo and I don't own any of that, and

it's never personal. This is about David getting supply, we are only

chessmen in his game. We are all just useful idiots to David, nothing more.

In regards to the law, when someone is held against their will by fear and

intimidation it is unlawful confinement. One does not have to be physically

restrained to be held against their will. Verbal assault is assault and

she was verbally brutalized. In addition, the verbal abuse was deviant and

sexual in its nature. Verbal sexual abuse is abuse and Mexico is not

enabling to sexually abusive men, even if it is verbal.

Let's focus on the real problem, David, and the countless unsuspecting

victims that he has access to. His aggression, contempt for woman, starting

with his mother, if any of that was even true. I could list a million

reasons why his guy needs to be exposed.

Things to consider

1) safety for our group to ensure we are able to help others within our


2) exposure that is clean, fast, cut and dry

3) no chaos, no long-running smear campaign, no cyber shit show

4) a plan that will have a real impact, create change

He is licensed somewhere with some organization. Can they revoke his

license? I think he has his certificate is presented on his website. Is

that even real?

He purchases "thumbs downs" and places them at channels that speak out

against him, and this is 100% in violation of Youtube's policies. He sends

them to Val Steele, at the horrible channel Toxic Free, which she should

rename Toxic Me. Val is extremely sick and she and David have been in a

narc eat narc death fight for years online. She has 20+ videos about him,

she is a full-blown sociopath, sick as they come, and thou she should be

exposed, she is all over David relentlessly. Two narcs in a pissing match!

But he is paying for thumbs downs, and that is grounds to have your channel


He has seen a lawyer about Val and told me he is taking action against her

through Youtubes legal it true? Who knows, but that has

been his long-running story.

They are both completely vile and might destroy each other if given a

slight nudge. Like two predators consuming one another, we might be able to

get two narcs with one plan.

Val is seriously fucked up, long history of criminal stalking, defamation,

harassment....she smears me too, so I had a criminal record check run on

that whack job. She is in the UK, well known to police and right out of her

twisted disordered mind. And she is aggressive.

If Val got wind of any of this, she would run with it so fast and so hard.

And there would be no stopping Val, she is a special example of this odious

condition. Val is gravely damaged goods, she is in a narc death fight with

David, they hate each other, they are both gravely disordered and maybe we

should consider planting seeds, stepping back and letting these two freaks

destroy each other.

He makes videos about her too....and they have been in full attack mode for

two years against each other. It's Clash of The Titans in real time, live,

and it's ugly. They are both horrendous threats to our community.

Give a narc some rope and it will hang itself, every time! Maybe we should

talk about this, throw some ideas around and let narcs eat each other. They

would cause more harm to each other than we could ever cause.

There are several narcs hiding within our community, backstabbers that jump

from channel to channel wreaking havoc. I have been watching it for years.

Petra, Annabel Lee, Andrew, Val, and now David.....confirmed cluster b's.

They all comment at each other's channels, smearing people, one-minute

friends, the next in narc death fights, over and over again. Acting as

flying monkeys for each's really ugly!

They spend their days criminally defaming each other at all of their social

media sites, I have seen it. It's a really messy, and they are all powered

by narc insanity, no limits and completely willing to gut each other in a

public forum. They also run and dive head first into the gutter daily in

very public ways. They are gutter rats.

I also had a criminal record check run on Andrew, he is in NY, and it

wasn't good. Criminal stalking and harassment, some civil suits for failing

to pay monies owed etc. Landlords sueing him, the usual narc stuff. They

all have those types of criminal records. My sister in law owns a big law

firm, and she is a firm believer and protecting yourself. As soon as some

narc starts criminal stuff against me, stalking, smear campaigns we get

criminal record checks done, best to know a little about your attacker if


Maybe we should see what else David is hiding, a covert is a covert after

all and information is readily available. No hiding this shit and if

someone starts digging around info is not hard to come by. If you are a bad

person, you leave a trail. All criminal records are public records, pretty

much everywhere.

David had been in Portland prior to Las Vegas, and he worked in the liquor


He says he is adopted, one minute he was dirt poor, mentally ill mother,

father ran away. Then the dad is a famous plastic surgeon, and he was a

fashion model. Like the stories are all over the place.

Maybe we should turn over a few rocks, and see what crawls out. Do a little

research to see who this guy is, what his past tells us, etc. They always

leave a trail.

The LGBTQ community is so big on YT, massive, millions of people. His

disgust of gay people would certainly attract some attention, and YT

strikes against his channel.

I am just throwing stuff out there....we need a plan. We need more info, we

need to get some facts and details and maybe we should figure out who this

guy really is and what he has been up too.

I am putting up new videos today and will be removing the last video I

posted. J is 100% right about that. That video needs to be removed and

a retraction made. I just don't want to alert him yet.



Ok, this is a lot of information. It is clear Kim is prone to extreme statements, willing to search the internet to find dirt on people, and stated during the cocktail party that she did research for extreme viewpoint news outlets like Alex Jones. The most damning statement she makes against herself and her current video are how she has talked to David about his past and has "stories are all over the place". How does jive with her statement in today's video "he tells me who his parents are who his father is what his father does for a living he tells me things about his private life things I can actually track and down if every word of it isn't the truth..."

Still, Kim is against David, and will remove the video that promotes him. She says he is now grouped in the growing list of "backstabbers that jump from channel to channel wreaking havoc".

Evening next replies with t2_msg5_reply on Tue, 25 Sep 2018 17:14:54:


why are't you taking the current video down and putting up a factual one?

It needs to be no more than to read L's story. However, not exposing

her name. We do not need any of the rest of this to convolute our message.


The next msg from Kim is a new t3_msg thread :



I have already taken that video down. It's gone, and the comments.




t3_msg_reply from Evening on Tue, 25 Sep 2018 17:41:24:


That's great Kim. I think that was critical. Thanks for letting me know.


So this Kim’s response to Evening last email asking why the misleading video has not been taken down, and a thank you from Evening. Again, there is no indication that Kim is supporting David in any way, nor is there any concern that actions should not be taken until more facts are discovered.

The next message is msg2_reply3 from Evening to Kim’s last email on the first thread on Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:29:58:



I have to tell you that I am really uncomfortable with the way that you are

handling what happened. Your video absolutely mischaracterizes what took

place. You are an outspoken person willing to talk about all kinds of

things but on your video there is nothing about David! You absolutely must

explain that you are no longer advocating for david. You might want to say

there was no relationship between you but you were anything but neutral

about him. It looks to me like you are being self protective rather than

protective of countless victims including those subjected to him at the

meet up especially L. I really hate that I feel this way. I want to

back you up and totally intended to, but I've been surprised and

disappointed by your non reaction to this. I don't want to have you angry

at me. I don't want to end up in a conflict because I came to your event,

but I can't back you up if you condone what happened here, and by doing

nothing you are condoning it especially because you have a history and a

record of advocating for david. It is not realistic to assume that just

stopping your support is going to be picked up on and understood by

viewers. You have to stand up for what is right. I am totally open to

being wrong about this if someone else in the group thinks I am off base

here please tell me why I can feel okay about leaving things this way

please tell me. Let me also say, that none of the rest of you are

responsible in my opinion. Kim has a responsibility and I have a

responsibility because we put ourselves out there and ask people to trust

our opinions and advice. I expected to back Kim up as she faced the music,

but now I find myself in a position I didn't expect or want.


Lack of sufficient action by Kim is being called out by Evening as something she cannot support. A followup msg2_reply4 on Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:45:26 follows next:


In case that last part is unclear. I am responsible because I was open

about being at the event so it isn't just a matter of my feeling

righteous. I am also condoning what happened up to this point and I feel

sick about it


At this point nearly two weeks since this abuse took place, and there have been no statement from Kim regarding a warning about David, nor has there been anything about needing to look into David's side of the story. Because of this, Evening puts out a video calling out Kim and David for what happened in PV on September 30th. This is the “Warning to Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Part 1(Meet-up Gone Wrong)” video. The next morning the following is sitting in her mailbox from Kim, t4_msg1 Mon, 1 Oct 2018 06:04:25:


Dear Erin Padget aka Erin Marie Shincke aka Erin Stark aka Evening Stark

aka Evening Ransom

The above list of AKA's is only an example of the countless AKA's used by

Evening Ransom. These AKA's are all known to police and were acquired from

a public criminal record check.

Please note Erin that your most recent video in which you fully expose your

narcissistic personality disorder is in violation of American criminal code

Section 230 (c) in breach of the Communications Decency Act and is

enforceable by law.

I understand that you narcs are all the same and it was virtually possible

for you to turn a blind eye to the possibility of launching a smear

campaign, not only does your kind love this sort of thing, but the

potential for much-needed supply could not be resisted. I do fully

understand this aspect of your disordered condition and realize that you're

well into this tits deep and have lost the ability to emotionally

self-regulate or use any good judgement or self-control.

There is only one type of entity that engages in public smear campaigns,

only one, without exception.

You are in violation of several American criminal codes as you will soon

discover first hand, but you are also in violation of basic human decency,

integrity, or morality. This was not your choice to make, but true to your

odious narc form you had to inject yourself and could not let go.

Your grave envy, need to be part of our human collective and disgusting

disregard for the law or Ls feeling and wishes defines you more than

your extensive criminal history of felony charges.

Odd how your first husband Ron managed to conceal his Cluster B condition,

was able to raise the kids and skip through life with little more than a

few traffic violations, meanwhile you....THE VICTIM couldn't manage to get

your name right when being arrested countless times.

But this evidence will mean little to you, as narcs are never able to see

the glaring evidence of their own shame-based reality.

And by the way, you appear to be drunk in your pathetic smear video.

Slurring, eyes rolling and looking a real hot mess. But that could be the

residual effect of years of smoking crack, time spent in jail and countless

years on parole.

Please consider this to be a formal request to remove that criminally

defaming video and quietly crawl back under your rock like a good little

narc crackhead.

It is 7:13 AM central time and I will allow several hours to get that video

down as I am sure you will require a little extra sleep today, in light of

the drunkenness that appears obvious in your pathetic video.

Please be informed that I will not be victimized by a narc like you or any

other. It is my sincere desire to see you do the right thing for once in

your pathetic narcissistic disordered life. You are a hot mess of a train

wreck and your envy is beyond glaringly obvious.

This is not about David or L is it Erin? this is about your envy of

me. And we all see that very clearly as your creepy kind cannot disguise

what you really are.

Thou you are desperately trying to attach yourself to me like the predatory

parasite that you are, it will not work. Every legal resource will be used

to remove the shit stain you are trying to leave on my life.

And no I did not forward my immigration lawyers name and number to you, but

I did contact him, I forwarded your criminal record and did have him make

sure that Mexican Immigration is well aware of who and what you are. We do

not have any room for a parasite like you in this fabulous nation. Besides

with a drug history like yours, the lure of cheap cocaine might be too much

for you to manage.

So good luck with your immigration claim with a criminal record like yours.

No one trusts you, and every one is willing to make that very public.

No one supports your glaringly narcissistic condition and this smear

campaign. The thread that was started with all of us is still active but

you have been removed because we all now know what you are.

Your motives and actions clearly define what you are Erin.

I have your entire criminal record report, as does my lawyer and Mexican

Immigration. I have over 50 screen-saved images including your

mug-shots...and wow, do they paint a picture of a gravely ill creature.

You delusional twisted lying narcs are all the same.

Get yourself some help for your alcoholism, thou getting off the crack

didn't improve your odious personality any....did it, Erin?

And while you are at it...detach, forget my name you fucking parasite.

LMFAO, we all saw this coming, we are all ready and you narcs are so


Shame on you, you pathetic attention whore.

I hope you are having a lovely day Erin

With best regards



Evening’s response in t4_msg1_reply on Tue, 2 Oct 2018 12:59:51:


You are doing a good job of telling on yourself. unfortunately for you all

of this is already on my channel and in my videos. I have no secrets .

Made a video about changing my name and have several videos about getting

arrested and what happened, so you don't scare me , but if you keep this up

I will sue you for defamation and Kim, since my divorce I have never lost a

case and that is with a sociopath breathing down my neck for a decade.

This confirms what a danger you are.


Which elicits this full blown melt down in t4_msg2 from Kim on Tue, 2 Oct 2018 16:53:53


I am telling on myself? LMFAO, oh am I? And how is that playing on your

dumpster fire of a disordered narc mind? I am just sitting here minding my

own business Erin like you should have done.

Just for your information Erin, criminal defamation is the spreading of

lies. The truth is not nor can it ever be defamation.

Criminal records, mug shots and exposing truth are public domain, and part

of the Public Records and Transparency Act. My sister owns the biggest law

firm in Canada, so good luck with that.

And oddly, you are criminally defaming me with your lies, misinformation,

and manipulations. Oh, what happened poopy pants, are you trying to play

the victim....LOL! Go change your diaper Erin, because you really shit your


I sent you a private email and like the dumpster fire, that is YOU, you

sent it to VAL???? OMG, I can't stop laughing! We are all laughing at you

Erin, please tell me you are not that deranged?

We have all seen what you really are, the trap door was opened, and you ran

headfirst into the rat trap, but I knew you would not be able to are all the same and so predictable. Any supply is good

supply for your kind Erin.

You are the one lying, you are the one injecting yourself into a situation

that is none of your fucking business, you are the one that started a smear

campaign, you violated a woman's right to privacy, you pushed for a public and only you. But this isn't your first rodeo, and you know

exactly what you have done. You know exactly what you are!

And as required by law, I gave you the opportunity to take that criminally

defaming video down. You really should have taken that olive branch as it

was your one and only chance to do so.

You could not remain transparent, you had to start sending out private

emails, all of which have been forwarded to me. And we all knew you would,

well before you broke the group's agreement for transparency. You are a

creepy sneaky little worm. Oh but let me guess, you are just a poor victim!

God, you are all 100% the exact same, every one of you freaks.

Your need for supply makes you nothing more than a pathetic attention

whore! The woman in question had requested complete privacy, but you could

not respect her wishes, you needed the supply too badly. You may have put

the crack pipe down Erin, but you have not changed, you can not change, you

are a mindless zombie soul-sucking supply vampire.

We all know exactly what you are. The only sociopath breathing down your

neck and everyone else's is you.

Now piss off Erin you tragic irrelevant waste of time.

I am a tad surprised you fell into the trap so quickly, we all thought it

was too obvious, but you freaks are all the same.

We are having a good laugh watching you demon possessed monsters eating

each other alive....LMFAO!

Wow...I never really believed you would ever in a million years fall for

the "contact Val" comment, holy shit, we all fell over gasping in horror,

really, please tell me you didn't fall into that trap? How badly do you

monsters really need supply? That was a set up Erin and you dove head first

into the gutter.

That was a joke, I can not get my head around the fact that you actually

picked that up and ran with it. And just as I suggested, you are all going

to eat one another alive! Let the narc feeding frenzy begin!

You have finally found your real tribe, Erin, swine, the disordered, the

mentally unstable, now live with your choices and understand that your days

of avoiding consequences are over.

And just like every other time I have been smeared, your past victims are

contacting me, and the stories aren't pretty, much like your mug shots.

This is extremely common and I was counting on your past victims coming

forward and they are.

And good luck with that move to Mexico....LOL!

Now fuck off you narc GUTTER RAT

And thank you for exposing yourself

We see you Erin


She accuses Evening of things that she herself is doing, she inappropriately references the law and makes empty threats with things she has no power to do (such as keep us out of Mexico!). When she is not making empty threats, wild accusations, and erroneous assumptions she becomes vulgar, juvenile, and lashes out at anyone who contradicts her. is an established pattern for her. She was prepared to do this to David, she has done it to other channels that she even mentions here, and worst of all, she even went so far as to completely turn on the victim doing the same thing to her.

Let's dissect the multiple problems with these two emails. First, Kim has done her now trademark background check and found that Evening has multiple names. She of course chooses not to use her legal name, instead calling her Erin. The only other person who has continued to use her old name is her narc ex-husband. In that first email she provides screen shots of the aliases screen(one of which is wrong), photos screen(there are 3 images, 2 of them the same, one not even her), and criminal court case numbers. These are not conviction records, just old charges that have been dismissed, and publicly acknowledged in videos on Evening's channel. A search of the actual source of truth for Washington state criminal records, the Washington State Patrol search shows no existing criminal records for any of the listed aliases.

Second, the reference to the 230 Communications Decency Act is completely off base. This act allows internet providers like YouTube to not be held liable for content that their users post. This is another trademark of Kim's; dealing in half truths to bolster their strawman arguments.

Third, Kim uses ad hominem (on the person not an idea) attacks on how Evening looks in her videos and jumps to the conclusion that she is a long time crack smoker and alcoholic. Projection?

Fourth, Kim makes this a personal attack on her and clearly states that she does not consider that this is about L and Evening teaming up to falsely accuse David and herself. It is about Evening ignoring David and L and attacking Kim. Kim cannot stand to be called out as being wrong on the meet-up handling.

Fifth, the rage that Kim exudes in her rants and threats to her "biggest law firm in Canada" sister, and her immigration lawyer, and "Mexican Immigration" are an absolute over the top responses to being called out in public.

Let's recap the events. There was a meet up in PV attended by 10 people, 8 of which were subscribers of Kim's and/or David's, 3 of which had channels on narcissistic abuse. An event happened between L and David. A long series of email threads ensued which established that David had exhibited questionable behavior and something needed to be done. The most damning judgement of David during this email exchange was Kim. Evening conveyed that she felt it was Kim's responsibility to do something. At first Kim seemed to agree, but then in the end did nothing to warn the community. Likewise she conveyed no indication that there was evidence that the interaction between David and L was not as Kim herself portrayed it the emails. Kim has claimed in comments on her latest video that "I have never once sent one single email ever...". This is probably false. So either, she was possessed by something that sent them from her email address, or a hacker sent them from her email address.

How Kim has now pivoted to a nearly opposite account of what happened with respect to her email account leaves one's head spinning. Most importantly, she has pivoted to support for a victim of abuse to support for the abuser with no proof of how that change in mindset came about. The claims for proof made in the video are at odds with what she has said in this email thread.

Who am I. I am Evening's husband. I dislike social media and think it fosters the type of superficial view into people that are exhibited by Kim and David. While their channels provide helpful content, the people behind the mask are damaged people who become spiteful if challenged in the slightest.

Why am I making this post? Because I have the technical knowledge to understand how email can be verified to prove that someone is misrepresenting themselves, and I am outraged that supposed healers are capable of the behavior I have seen. My wife is the most honest person I know. She is also the most demanding of herself and others. She always believes that people will do the right thing, and is hurt when they do not. Unfortunately, most cannot live up to her standards. Kim failed on this front, and when she was called out for it, she pivoted to a position of attack that is completely unjustified. The errors in her video that I have called out are only those most readily validated against her own email statements.

The description of Evening at the cocktail party and how long they were there is also completely false. Three of the women showed up at the given starting time of 8 and stayed until 10. They ran into Kim on the way out. Kim, David, Exton and L came up and stayed from 10 until around 1am, when Kim and David had to be all but begged to leave by Exton and L due to being exhausted and wanting to go to bed. David was trying to get L to drink and she kept telling him that she had not eaten and was too tired. The complete misrepresentation of the most basic interaction in PV speaks to the desperation in her need to come up with a cover story as to why she herself failed to protect L.

The call to action for any Youtube viewer is to look at the details as presented, and make your own judgement. What inconsistencies are there in Evening's story? What inconsistencies are there in Kim's story? Where even is David's story?

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