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How I Ended Up Married to a Sociopath - Would You Have Seen the Red Flags?

Evening tells the story of how she met and married a sociopath. How she ended up married to a man who before it was over would be diagnosed with ASPD and NPD Which she ignored until he had the opportunity to play out his full agenda in her life destroying her health, family, life long friendships, self esteem, stealing her assets, leaving her destitute and relentlessly attacking her for her children's entire childhoods not stopping until her son was using heroin to cope and when he finally died in 2016 it was a victory for her ex and her pathological family whose lack of compassion and love was most evident in times of crisis which there have been plenty. The nightmare began in 2001 when her heart literally broke from a coronary dissection called a SCAD but they referred to it as a heart attack. She survived a near death experience only to watch the people closest to her destroy her life. At her lowest point she started to see things as they were rather than as she wanted them to be. She researched the diagnosis her now ex husband received a couple of years earlier and thing started to fall into place. She had a narcissistic family and her husband was a sociopath. She had been scapegoated and in the last few years of his life her son was sharing the scapegoat role with her. He was also the target and was trauma bonded with his father. Her children suffered from severe CPTSD. Complex PTSD is what drove her son to start using heroin as a teenager. He got clean many times and Evening believed he would survive it because they had already been through so much, but unfortunately, at the age of 20 Evening's eldest son, a gifted musician, singer and songwriter, loved by everyone who knew him, died in his bedroom in Portland, Oregon where he moved just a few months earlier. This video tells the story of how it unfolded, and just how "normal" it all seemed, but a closer look reveals a recipe for disaster that no everyone would have been as vulnerable to as she was. The primary factors were her narcissistic and rejecting parents, the pattern of abusive relationships that was developing as her marriage was the 2nd of three total relationships spanning 16 years that she now characterizes as abusive. The narcissistic friends and lopsided relationships all around her. Her tolerance for bad behavior and low expectations for how she should be treated. Her first date with the man she calls "R" in her memoir an in the stories she tells on her channel begins their relationship on a lie where she actually goes expecting to be meeting a group of other people. This was a major test, as even though she was disappointed and offended she was trained to accept abuse and even think of it as flattering while she is being manipulated.

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